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Publication Department

Responsible to maintain records, collection and put in a book and video form and broadcasting the truth, preaches by the Holy Spirit through Apostle Dr. L.B. Sailo. To circulate the Midnight Herald (Zanlai Au Aw), a fortnightly bulletin, proclaiming the word of God to the whole world and management of the official website of the church, http://www.kohhranthianghlim.org. Publication Board, at present, have two sub-committees looking after different assignments of the board :

  1. Information Technology Cell - Updating the church with latest information and knowledge for practical purposes, e.g. maintaining website etc.

  2. Media & Archive Cell - Recording, storing, retrieving and distributing videos and audios of events within church.


    1. The Board may have appointed its representatives/agents in the level of Sub-Headquarters, areas and local Churches.

    2. The Board, with prior permissions of Executive Committee may raise and collect funds for special programs or projects etc.

    3. The Board may detail technically talented persons for special duties and the Board's functioning.

    4. The Board may have special attachments with certain presses for the interest of the Board Publication works.

    5. In the Interest of the Church, the Board shall have a right to change Printers.

    6. The Board may, with prior permissions of the Executive Committee, install printing presses of the Church for its care and custody.

    7. The Board may set up Bookstores of the Church to be managed by the Board.

    8. To meet the demands of its activities, the Board may have its management rules/bye-laws to enable it to perform certain activities of the Board.

    9. On behalf of the Church, the Board may expand and extend its activities for productions and proper distributions of the Church's literature.

    10. The Board may suspend its publication work for a set period of time on ground of better follow-up programs.


    1. Normally, Publication Board will be self-supporting financially.

    2. The Board's main sources of fund will be sale proceeds of printed matters.

    3. All funds collected by the Department/Board will be treated as Church's and to be submitted to the Treasurer through its Sub-Treasurer.

    4. In case of deficit, the church will allot the required funds to the department from the consolidated fund to meet the need of the Church through the department.

    5. The Board will be responsible for the proper uses of its annual budget as sanctioned by the Executive Committee.


    1. The Board, according to the Service Rules and Recruitment Rules of the Church, may employ paid workers.

    2. Employments may be necessary for the literature products. Printing Presses and for such activities of the Board, paid workers may be engaged.

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