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The Holy Church (Non-Denominational)

1. FOUNDER : The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit through Dr. Lalbiakmawia Sailo found the church.


3. STATUS: The church is not a denominational, set up and run by a chosen/elected ministers. The Holy Spirit found the church, at the time when Christ raises each one of us to life, who has risen from the death and who is the first fruit of those who slept. (I Kor. 15:20)

4. MEMBERS : Every person consecrated by the Holy Spirit, when the Cross puts to death our old beings and endowed with a new life along with Christ resurrected.

5. POPULATION : We do not maintain attendance register of members and we do not conduct census. It is the assembly and universal church of the firstborn enrolled in Heaven (Heb. 12:23).

Aizawl, Mizoram
Closing Time
sun - 05:00pm
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