The Holy Church (Non-Denominational)

//The Holy Church (Non-Denominational)

The Holy Church (Non-Denominational)

1.    FOUNDER    :    The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit through Dr. Lalbiakmawia Sailo found the church.


  2.    YEAR ESTABLISHED    :    1984


  3.    STATUS:    The church is not a denominational, set up and run by a chosen/elected ministers. The Holy Spirit found the church, at the time when Christ raises each one of us to life, who has risen from the death and who is the first fruit of those who slept. (I Kor. 15:20)


  4.    MEMBERS    :    Every person consecrated by the Holy Spirit, when the Cross puts to death our old beings and endowed with a new life along with Christ resurrected.


  5.    POPULATION    :    We do not maintain attendance register of members and we do not conduct census. It is the assembly and universal church of the firstborn enrolled in Heaven (Heb. 12:23).


  6.    JERUSALEM   :    We portray Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram as spiritual Jerusalem, because, elects from all over the country, every year, attended Convention to offer sacrifices, prayer and worship to the Almighty God. It is the spiritual and administrative capital for the elects, as practised during the time of King David; Jerusalem was the spiritual and administrative capital for all the Israelites.





  1.    MINISTERS    :    There are no full-fledged appointed/elected priests/ministers. As the Bible says, all the elects are a chosen people, a holy nation, and a group of royal priests to proclaim the wonderful deeds of God, who has brought them out of Darkness into His light. (I Pet. 2 : 9, Rev. 5 : 9,10)


  2.    HOLY WAR    :     This is a prominent essence, unique to the Holy Church that is found nowhere else. It aims at preventing the elects from indulging into sinful acts and to keep in existence, sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.  The weapons we used in this holy war are not those of the flesh/human weapons, but those of the power of God, which we used to destroy strongholds and fortresses (II Kor. 10:4).




1.    There is a convention, which is held once a year, in the last week of December. This convention is known as ‘JERUSALEM CONVENTION’. Every year, elects from all over the country used to attend this convention, to worship and offer a sacrifice to the Lord God Almighty. The convention is held at Solomon’s Temple, Kidron Valley, Aizawl, Mizoram, India.


2.    There is a Division Meet, which is held once a year, sometime around the month of March. Delegates from different places of the geographical area of a division attend this gathering. All the divisions hold their respective meet/gathering at the same time in a year; comply with the periodical calendar issued every year by the Executive Committee.


3.    Both Jerusalem Convention and Division Meet are of spiritual in nature where the elects gather to offer sacrifices and worship the Lord. They are of a spiritual convention with fellowships. No deliberations and discussions are held, and no resolutions made on administration. Executive Committee at the highest level and the Division Committee at the Division level take up the administrative committees and deliberations.   







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