Not I, but Christ

Not I, but Christ

The wonderful heading above is one of the most important requirements for each believer. It being the source of our spiritual life plays an important role in our freedom from slavery and captivity of Sin. Thus, it is necessary we read not just once, but every time we are in trouble or worry.

To know ourselves clearly is the only way to know Christ. I and Self has the same meaning, when you join together leads a single word ‘myself’. As is written in the Bible, this ‘self’ is right from its birth full of transgression, sinful (Eph. 2:1-3), detestable in front of God (Gal. 5:19-21), in whom dwells no good things (Rom. 7:18); highly valued by humanity, but dead in the sight of God; considered by man as a source of life but totally rejected by God; wedging war against the law of our mind most of the time (Rom 6:6; 7:24). Whenever we forget where God put this accursed self, we tend to serve its will. We can never accept ‘self’ as accursed and detestable except through the Holy Spirit, this is the reason why the world greatly relies upon it. Only through its realization can we replace ‘Self’ with ‘Christ’.

 Where God puts ‘SELF’:

             To have a constant communion with Christ, it is important to first clearly know what ‘self’ is. Secondly, to know its place as God puts it. Paul, the Apostle, with great wishes tells us that this ‘self’ is the most troublesome, active and the strongest soldier of Satan, which constantly warring against the law of our mind (Rom. 7:23). And only when it is delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake that the life also of Jesus may be made manifest in our mortal flesh (II Cor. 4:12). When he talks about the terrible bondage of this self, he could not help, but cry out “the body of this death’.

             Concerning service, he said that only through the death of ‘self’, it works on others as life (II Cor.4:12). Life of resurrection comes only from death (Rom. 6:5-6). Even the true way of surrendering to God is by being death first, then live again. Being surrendered as alive does not reach God (Rom. 6:13).

             Therefore, whenever your ‘self’ tries to retain control over you let your spirit remember its true place, i.e death, and never let it live in you. Always keep in mind that no one causes dejection or disturbance in you, but yourself. You are no longer yourself, but Christ lives in you, for He put ‘self’ in the place of death.


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