Mission Board

//Mission Board

Mission Board


c) Shepherding with bottle-feed

 The Board, through its workers and other means, shall be responsible to shepherd the elects, feed the newborns with spiritual milk to let them grow up in likeness of Jesus Christ.

Till the new brothers and sisters are handed over to the main administration of the Church, the Board will administer individuals, local churches and area churches.

 d)         Board Office

The Board shall run its office in the Secretariat of the Church.



1.The Board will be appointing authority of the Department’s employees.

2.The Board within the approval of the Executive Committee of the Church may employ missionaries and others under its departmental care.

3.All new appointments shall be as per provisions of the Recruitment Rules of the Church.

4.Pay, allowances and facilities of casual employees shall be on monthly basis as fixed by the Board from time to time and no annual increment shall be applied.

5.The Board may terminate the service of any temporary paid worker with or without giving reasons, as it, may deem fit.

6.The Board, as appointing authority, may take disciplinary actions against the employees under its care.

7.All fixation of pay and grades of posts on temporary arrangements shall be subject to change from time to time by the Board.

8.The Board may decide House Rent Allowances for individual employees either by having general principle.

9.An employee shall be entitled for Travelling Allowances (T.A.) whenever summoned or sent for special duty by competent authority on production of authentic order.

10.A missionary is supposed to follow the wishes of the Holy Spirit by preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to save and to bring others to the feet of Jesus Christ.

11.The responsibilities of a paid worker shall be as provided in the rules or as decided by the Board from time to time.



1.Subject to Executive Committee approval, the Board may raise funds to meet its requirements.

2.All funds raised and cash donations shall be submitted to the Treasurer of the Church through its sub-Treasurer.

3.The Board will function within the limit of approved Annual Budget, including supplementary budgets, subject to sanctions granted by the Executive Committee.

4.The Board may apply for additional sanction beyond the present budget, to the Executive Committee for the remaining period of financial year.

5.All funds and donations submitted to the Treasurer shall be treated as general fund of the Church till the Executive Committee adopts the Annual Budget.



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