Mission Board

//Mission Board

Mission Board

 Mission Board shall have its departmental fronts.

 A.        OUTREACH

The Board shall bear the responsibilities for her outreach programs and activities such as evangelism and mission works.

 Characteristics of outreach

a)         Evangelism.

b)         Mission Fields.

c)         Shepherding with bottle-feed.

d)         Board office.


The following shall be the main functions of the departmental outreach: –

 a) Evangelism

The Board, being responsible for the evangelical activities of the church will take up the following works –

To select place or places for a special evangelical works of temporary natures.

To detail the request person or persons for the evangelical campaigns there whenever the Board so decides.

To detail her employee to join the campaign and the programs.

To chalk out detail campaign programs.

To allot funds for the campaign within official sanctions.

Till paid evangelists are available, campaign programs are to be set as and when it is found good and necessary.

 b) Mission Field

i)The Board will submit its recommendations for a Mission Field of the Church to the Executive Committee for considerations.

ii)Any area, the Executive Committee approved for a mission field is where the Board shall materialize the works.

iii)The Board shall be responsible for the running and care of the fields.

iv)The Board may recommend to the Executive Committee for its improvement, extension, inclusion within the administration of the Church and for its closure, as the case may be.

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