Solomon's Temple

Structure of Solomon's Temple

 Area :  The Temple area accommodates two thousand persons within the main hall and ten thousand persons within its courtyard.    There is no length and breadth. The length of all the four sides is equal and it has the shape of a square. The length is 180 ft. and its breadth is 180 ft. The total area then covers 32,400 sq.ft. The interior of the Temple building is 120 ft. ×120 ft., which is the main hall. A proportional size veranda 30 ft. wide is attached to the exterior of the main hall on all the four sides. The veranda/porch may provide a shelter for people with its sizable seating capacity. The porch is called ‘The Porch of Solomon’s Temple’.

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Solomon's Temple Revived

 When we read 2 Chron. 7:1 9-20, and I Ki : 6-7, God foretold King Solomon about the unfaithfulness of the chosen nation by worshipping other gods or idols and abominations practised in the temple and forewarned that he would cast it out of His sight.

            The very warnings of God were unheeded by the Israelites, the chosen nation, and they were actually practising abominations in the temple (Eze. 8:5-6; 9-12; 14-18). “Then the glory of the Lord departed from off the threshold of the temple,”(Eze.10:18). Jesus also informed the people of Israel, “Therefore I tell you, the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and will be given to a nation bringing forth its fruit.”


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The First Solomon's Temple

   Resources: The first of God's resources was the heart of King David. The Ark of God, the symbol of God's presence and footstool; being in a tent was seen to be too humble in the sight of King David. Therefore, his heart desired to build a Temple worth its dwelling (2 Sam. 7:1-3).

 The unreserved desire to build the Temple of the Lord and the joy of giving not only opened up the royal treasury but leaders of all tribes of Israel, the Commanders of thousands, hundreds and any who had precious stones and talents freely gave wholeheartedly to the Lord (1 Chron. 29:6-9).


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Nun kawng Hruaitu

Khawvel sum tinreng leh lunghlu,

Ka dil lo nawm sakna nen,

Rilru mawi leh thianghlimna chu,

Ka dil zawk chung zawng aiin.

Lawmna a khat rilru thianghlim,

A mawi tuktin par aiin,

Fak zaivawr rilru thianghlim chuan,

A ning lo tlai nilenin.



Aizawl Chawlhhmun, Solomona Temple peng bulah Kohhran Office hi a awm a, heta khaipa ber chu Superintendent ani. Heta tang hian kohhran administration an kengkawh a. Kohhran chhunga office lam hna pawimawh reng reng chu Secretariat kaltlang vek a thawh thin ani. Superintendent bakah hian Cashier, LDC, Office Assistant leh Group D staff te an awm a. Secretariat ah hian Conference Hall dah tel nghal niin, Board hrang hrangte Full Sitting hunah leh programme pawimawhah te hman thin ani.