Kohhran Thianghlim (The Holy Church) a non-denominational Christian church on every year celebrates Coronation Day at Solomon’s Temple, Chawlhhmun, Aizawl. It is an occasion to crown Jesus Christ, who has sacrificed Himself for the sinner, to be the sovereign master in their heart. It is celebrated with zeal, enthusiasm, joy and triumph.  The occasion has a spiritual and cultural significance for the Church citizens.

           Along with the celebration, the Temple premise is decorated and adorned with flowers and designs of different shapes and sizes garnishing ethereal and aesthetic appeal. In the past years, thousands of people, among them – government officials, ministers, parliamentary secretaries, tourists and local people, etc have visited the place to acknowledge the event and enjoy the beauty of the decorations associated with the occasion which lasted for several days even up to 2/3 months. In 2015, the day was celebrated on 30th August (Sunday) and Solomon’s Temple has been opened for public visit from 31st August (Monday) onward. Constructed with imported marbles, the Temple itself is a major tourist attraction of Aizawl having local, national and international visitors.

           On 5th September 2015, the day the Teacher’s Day was celebrated, His Excellency Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Nirbhay Sharma and Mrs. Jyotsna Sharma visited Solomon’s Temple. They were received and welcomed by Mr. & Mrs. Dr. L.B. Sailo, Founder and Chairman, Executive Committee; members of the Solomon’s Temple Management Authority and Central Youth Evangelical Front.  After strolling through the decorations beautifully designed and displayed by several local churches in Aizawl, they enjoyed a Tea and light snacks in the Solomon’s Temple’s Cafeteria. 

           Governor and the first lady were amazed and astonished at the sight of the Temple decorations and remarked that it exhibits the marvellous skills and talents of the Mizos. Skills can be developed more through training and if developed in the right way, the potential of the Mizos can be made known throughout the world. When asked about the frequent changes of Mizoram Governor within a short span of time, he said that he considered himself as the first servant of the state and he will always remain a Mizo. Lt Gen. Nirbhay Sharma was a member of the Union Public Service Commission, and since none of the Mizos has qualified for UPSC Examinations – 2015 he said that he will help in any way he can.

 The visit was an opportunity for a section of the local people to mingle and make emotional bonds with the head of state.

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