Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Chairman : Mr & Mrs. Dr. L.B. Sailo

There shall be Executive Committee of the Church at the General Headquarters which will function as Administrative head of the Church.

 1.    Membership.

The maximum regular membership shall be upto twelve members at General Headquarters and upto twelve members outside General Headquarters.

 2.    Office Bearers

The Executive Committee   shall have the following office bearers :

a)         Chairman, appointed by the Committee, from among its members.

b)         Executive Secretary

c)         Treasurer

d)         Financial Secretary

 3.         Functions of Office Bearers.

 a)   Chairman

i)          He will function as Chairman of the Commi­ttee meetings.

ii)         He will sign committee minutes,

iii)       He may handover the chair to any member of the committee for one sitting or for a shorter period. In such case, she acting Chairman will sign the minute on behalf of the Committee.


b)   Executive Secretary

There   shall   be   Executive   Secretary   of   the Church.

 i)          He will function as Secretary of the Commit­tee meetings.

ii)         The   Secretary   will   sign   the   minute of the Committee meetings.

iii)       The Secretary will keep the minute book.

iv)        The Secretary in consultation with the Chairman will summon committee meetings.

v)         The Secretary will receive proposal and prepare agenda of the Committee.

vi)        The Secretary will receive applications for budget sanctions to be laid before the Committee for considerations and decisions.

vii)       The Secretary, on behalf of the committee, will inform the decisions made to the concerned persons, party or department.

viii)     Concerning policy matters, including delega­tion of powers vested by the Committee, the Sec­retary will communicate to the concerned  body or bodies.

ix)        The Secretary will summon meetings of Jeru­salem Council and of Adults covering the whole Church.

x)         The Secretary will function as meeting Secretary of meetings covered at b (ix) above, as recorded and will furnish minutes to all members.

xi)        The Secretary will initiate ACRs (Annual Confidential Reports) of all Secretariat to be reviewed and accepted by the Executive Committee.


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