Die to Live

Die to Live

Origin of Satan:

             As is written in the Bible, Lucifer, who was the son of the morning star and the highest archangel, was separated from God due to his pride. But even after his fall, Michael, who is also an archangel, dared not rebuke him for the dispute about the body of Moses (Is. 14:12-17; Obad. 1:4). It is very clear that the reason of his fall was similar to the reason of the fall of man i.e. ‘a claim to sit on the highest throne’. Though the passage referred above appears to be concerning the history of great kings of the world; the truth behind them is the history of Satan who becomes the enemy of God.

 Origin of man:

             From the book of Job, we can see that there used to be a day when the sons of God come to present themselves before the Lord, the origin of everything (Job. 2:1-2). Even on this earth, we know that there shall be a time when Christ shall reign (Rev. 20:1-5; Dan. 7:26-27; Job. 19:25). God created man to be the object of His love, to sit on the right of His throne of judgment and to receive His best wishes, to be His children and heirs. In the highest assembly He said, “Let us make man Our image, according to Our likeness…So, God created man in His own image” (Gen. 1:26-27).

             The first man He created was ‘male’ and He named him ‘ADAM’, the father of all mankind, then He took out one of Adam’s ribs with which He created ‘female’ and called her ‘EVE’, mother of all mankind.

 The fall of man:

             Satan knows not only that he lost the highest throne, but also that the eternal fire i.e. Hell awaits him. God knew very well that Satan, by using the same cause of his own downfall, will try to tempt man whom He created unto His satisfaction. He, therefore, warned man not to obey Satan and if they ever do, from that very day onwards they will become His enemies. God knew that man, like Lucifer, has a heart that can claim the throne of God.

            Many believe that the forbidden fruit is something that can be plucked and eaten; but the secret behind it is the rebellion against God, in other words, obedience to Satan or agreeing with Satan. Thus, the moment man eats the forbidden fruit i.e. the moment he rebel against God he is destined to death, just like Satan. That is the reason why God was so heartbroken when men, whom He loved most, obeyed His greatest enemy. Just like Satan lost his citizenship or throne of heaven, we, the descendants of Adam too lost the same.

             As Prophet Samuel said that God will not lie nor relent (1 Samuel 15:29), God does not intend to save Adam and his descendants, but to create a brand new man. He thus sent Jesus Christ, the new man, the last Adam, the son of man into the world.


The reason behind the birth of Jesus as a man:

             Man’s disobedience brings death and breaks the heart of God. Thus, what God intend to reveal through Christ is to create a brand new life through man and to retaliate against Satan through man’s own obedience to God.

             Jesus Christ was a true man, just like any of us; one should not think him to be a superior. As he was the last Adam, he was just as Adam was before his fall (Phil. 2:6-7; Is. 53:3).

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