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Constitution of the Holy Church part – I





1.         There shall be Departments of the Church for­med by the Executive Committee and each De­partment governed by a Board.

2.         In matter of Spiritual Welfarethe Executive Committee will patronise each Department.

3.         Each Board will consist of a Director, a Sec­retary and Sub-Treasurer as Office Bearers.

4.         The Board may have its special invitees from amongst members of the Church.

5.         Members shall collectively or individually be responsible to the decisions of the Board meetings.

6.         Tenure of office shall be as provided in this Star.


1.         The Board shall be seated in the General Headquarters of the Church.

2.         The Board may have departmental rules within the provision of the Star.

3.         The Board concerned shall be responsible for theproper functioning’s and welfares of its em­ployees.

4.         The Board concerned shall have power to recommend posting and transfer, promotion or stay promotion of its employees to the Executive Committee.

5.         The Board   shall have   power to   recommend disciplinary actions including suspension and ter­mination of any of its employees, to the Executive Committee.

6.         Aconcerned Director will write Annual Confidential Report of concerned employees to be submitted   to the Executive Committee for acceptance.

7.         The General Headquarters Executive Committee will fix the numbers of membership from time to time.

 C         :   DIRECTOR

1.         Director of a department will chair the Board meeting and sign its minutes.

2.         He will carry out, as director, department policies laid down by the Executive Committee from time to time.

3.         He will function within the power vested upon him, by the Executive Committee.

4.         He shall enjoy temporary or permanent impress the amount which will be decided by the Finance Department from time to time.

5.         He will stand responsible for the success, pro­per functioning’s of the department or otherwise.

6.         He will, normally, represent his department as member of Executive Committee.

7.         In case of Emergency, he will summon mee­tings of office bearers and decisions of such meetings will be binding.   But such decisions will be reportedto the next Board meeting for formal approval.

8.         In case of emergency when Board meeting or office bearer meeting can not be held in time, the Director may make his own decision on the matter. Such decision will be binding and the same shall be reported to the next Board meeting for formal approval.

9.         He will sign Annual Budget proposal of the department to be submitted to the Finance De­partment.

10.       He will sign Supplementary Budget Proposals of the department.

11.       The Holy Spirit, the most efficient Director, is working through the Director. He is supposed to bear his responsibilities with God-Confidence.


1.         He will function as Secretary of the Board meetings and alongwith the Chairman, he will sign the minutes.

2.         He will keep the minute book and depart­mental files.

3.         He will summon Board meetings giving reasonable time for information.

4.         Under emergency, he will summon Office Bearers meetings.

5.         He, on behalf of the Board, will sign all offi­cial correspondence.

6.         He will be responsible for circulation of infor­mation and publicities of Board meetings.

7.         He will prepare agenda of Board meetings.

8.         For official transactions of correspondences, the Secretary is to utilise his table in the Secreta­riat so   that necessary official records may be properly maintained in the Secretariat registers and files.

9.         A Secretary is wished to remember that the Holy Spirit, the only efficient Secretary, is willing to do his duty through him.


1.         He is Office Bearer of the Board.

2.         He will keep Account Book of the department maintained to be audited.

3.         He will record all funds, etc, receive on the receipt side and again record the amount submit­ted to the Treasurer of the Church as expenditure so far as his account book record is concerned.

4.         He will record any amount drawn from the Treasurer of the Church on the receipt side and record details of expenditures on the expenditure side of the account book.

5.         He will draw sanctioned money of the depart­ment budget from the Treasurer of the Church through the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the Church.

6.         He is to master, at least the budget provisions of the department. He is to be able to report to the Board meetings the upto date financial posi­tion of the department.

7.         All cash in hand on the first day of the next financial year will be counted as lapsed.

8.         He will surrender all lapsed money to the Treasurer of the Church and It will be accounted under the head of Consolidated Fund.

 F    :    MEMBERS    OF   THE   BOARD

1.         Members of the Board, including Office Bea­rers, shall be appointed by the Executive Com­mittee of the Church for tenure of office provided by the Star.

2.         There shall be, at least, one full Compulsory Board Meetings once a year.

3.         Minutes of the Board meetings shall be furni­shed to all member of the Board.



 I.                               BUILDING DEPARTMENT


 1.         There shall be Building Department of the Church governed by Building Board.

2.         The Board shall be formed by the Executive Committee.

3.         The General administration shall be as provided in this Star Chapter 4 above.


1.      The Board shall function as Building Department authority of the Church.

2.      As a Board, Building Board will be permanent by nature.

3.      The Board will be responsible to take up all buildings of the Church in its plans and estimates, constructions, repairs and maintenances unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

4.      The Board will be appointing authority for its department’s employees, permanent or temporary as per provisions of this Star.

5.      The Board may engage experts of experienced persons with fixed pay to meet the required quality of works and constructions for a limited period of time.

6.      For any permanent or temporary posts needed by the department, such as for continuous works, maintenance etc. of the land and buildings owned by the Church, the Board will propose to the Executive Committee to create and sanction such posts.

7.      The Board will take responsibilities for the welfare of its employees and laborers but the decisions of the Board concerning such workers shall be final and binding.


C:        FINANCE

 1.      The Board will submit the department’s annual budget proposals to the Treasurer of the Church at least one month ahead of the Executive Committee annual budget sessions.

2.      The Board may submit supplementary budget proposals of the department if when necessary.

3.      The Board may apply for sanction of its budget provisions to the Executive Committee.

4.      The Board will be responsible for the proper uses of sanctioned money.

5.      The Board is to be responsible to the effective and economical uses of its budget provisions.

6.      Cash in hand of the Board on the first day of the next financial year will be treated as lapsed and shall be submitted to the Treasurer of the Church for consolidated fund of the Church.


 1.      The Board will follow Recruitment Rules of the Church.

2.      Gradation of employees shall be as per provisions laid down by the Recruitment Rules.

3.      Such rules shall be in force from the effective date decided by the Executive Committee.


1.      Employees shall be categorized following the provisions laid down in the rules of the Church.

2.      The Board will be responsible to the welfare, control, and discipline of employees under its department.

3.      The Board may take up construction works either through contract basis, through paid labor basis or through mass voluntary work basis.


 1.      The Board will record all properties of the Church entrusted to the department.

2.      The Board shall be responsible for the care and custody, maintenance, uses and disposals of moveable properties entrusted to the department.

3.      The Board will take necessary actions to acquire or furnish licenses, certificates and permits, as the case may be, of moveable and immoveable properties entrusted to department.

4.      The Board will maintain Stock Registers for the materials collected item wise in detail, showing issues, return and disposals in detail by the recipient and countersigned by the issuing officer/authority.


 There shall be Finance Department of the Church governed by the Financial Board.


 The Board shall consist of office-bearers and members appointed by the Executive Committee of the Church.


a)         Director

i)          The Director function as Director of the Department following the provisions of powers, duties and functions in chapter 4, D above.

ii)         The Director will take the chair in the Board meetings.

iii)        The Director will function as Treasurer of the Church as well as of the Board covering the respective jurisdictions as the case may be.

b)         Treasurer

i)          The Treasurer of the Church will keep Main and Subsidiary Account Books including that of the Board.

ii)         He will receive cash from Sub-Treasurers, Cashiers of Secretariat. Treasurers of Sub-Headquarters and other donations and will issue two copies of each receipt, one for the persons from whom it was received and the other for the Financial Secretary.

iii)        The Treasurer, on behalf of the Church, will normally open, deposit and operate Bank Accounts and also will close the account, as the case may be, as per directives or decisions of the Executive Committee.

iv)        He will submit up-to-date financial reports to the full sittings of the Executive Committee.

v)         He will give, if possible, audited annual financial report of the Church to the Executive Budget Sessions.

vi)        He will function as Sub-Treasurer as provided in Chapter 4, F. above.

vii)       He will furnish statement of monthly financial position of the Church to D.D.O. and to Financial Secretary.

viii)      He will receive departmental annual budget proposals, at least one month ahead of the scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee Budget Sessions.

ix)        He also will first receive supplementary / or revised budget proposals to be laid before the next Executive Committee meetings.

x)         He will lay Budget proposals before the Budget Sessions or Meetings of the Executive Committee for its decisions.

xi)        He may in consultation with the Financial Secretary, summon meetings for financial matters including accounting to be attended by the persons involved in the matter to discuss, instruct and educate on Church funds. At such meetings, the Director will normally take the Chair.

 c)         Secretary/Financial Secretary.

i)          The Secretary will also function as Financial Secretary of the Church.

ii)         As Secretary, the duties, power and functions provided in chapter 4, E above will be followed.

 d)         As Financial Secretary.

i)          He will keep financial records of the Church in the form of Account Book to supplement the Treasurer’s Account.

ii)         He will keep duplicate copies of receipts and of monthly financialss position reports of the Treasurer.

iii)        He may check his account records with that of the Treasurers at the end of every year.

iv)        He, together with the Treasurer will prepare with necessary copies of proposed budgets to be laid before the Budgets Sessions of the Executive Committee.

v)         He will compile annual Budget Books of approved budgets for production.


In addition to provisions given in chapter 4, G above, the following shall be provided as: –

1.      Strength of Board membership will remain open, either to retain, increase or decrease as per decisions of the Executive Committee from time to time.

2.      Board members are expected to have insight and understanding budgets of all departments to enable them to discuss and decide between budget sessions of the Executive Committee.


In addition to Chapter 4, B above which provisions are binding to the Board, the following are provided as: –

1.      Within the approved budgets, including supplementary budgets, or as decided by the Executive Committee, the Board will have sanctioning power in consultation with the Executive Committee.

2.      The Board will be responsible for the proper uses of Budget provisions.

3.      The Board will stand as guardian of the Church funds.

4.      The Board may take over all fund raisings of the Church or authorities others to do so.

5.      The Board shall have power to demand detail reports of the fund raisings of the Church at any level as it may deem fit and such demand shall be binding to whom it is served.

6.      The Board will propose, advise and guide member departments, Executive Committee and other level functioning bodies of the Church in matters of finance and funds.

7.      The Board will function within the limit of the policies and directives laid down by the Executive Committee from time to time.

8.      The Board will receive all donations, from individuals or private parties for certain projects of the Church.

9.      The Board will receive all church funds.

10.  The Board will stand responsible for proper maintenance of church accounts at all levels by means of issuing directives or giving trainings whenever found necessary.

11.  The Board will receive all annual budgets proposals.

12.  The Board will compile budget proposals to be laid before Budget sessions of the Executive Committee.

13.  The Board will receive all revised Budget proposals to be laid before the Executive Committee.

14.  The Board will issue annual Budget Books.

15.  The Board will receive all lapsed money for reserved funds.

16.  The Board shall stand for the care and custody of pension fund.

17.  In case of disputes between employers and employees in matters of financial benefits, the decisions of the Board shall be final and binding.

18.  The Board may apply to the Executive Committee to create and sanction employment posts to serve under its departments.


 In addition to provisions under Chapter 4 above, the Mission Board shall have its departmental fronts.

 A.        OUTREACH

The Board shall bear the responsibilities for her outreach programs and activities such as evangelism and mission works.

 1.      Characteristics of outreach.

a)   Evangelism.

b)   Mission Fields.

c)   Shepherding with bottle-feed.

d)   Board office.

2.      Functions.

The following shall be the main functions of the departmental outreach: –

a)         Evangelism

The Board, being responsible for the evangelical activities of the church will take up the following works –

i)        To select place or places for a special evangelical works of temporary natures.

ii)      To detail the request person or persons for the evangelical campaigns there whenever the Board so decides.

iii)    To detail her employee to join the campaign and the programs.

iv)    To chalk out detail campaign programs.

v)      To allot funds for the campaign within official sanctions.

vi)    Till paid evangelists are available, campaign programs are to be set as and when it is found good and necessary.

b)         Mission Field.

i)        The Board will submit its recommendations for a Mission Field of the Church to the Executive Committee for considerations.

ii)         Any area, the Executive Committee approved for a mission field is where the Board shall materialize the works.

iii)        The Board shall be responsible for the running and care of the fields.

iv)        The Board may recommend to the Executive Committee for its improvement, extension, inclusion within the administration of the Church and for its closure, as the case may be.

c)         Shepherding with bottle-feed

The Board, through its workers and other means, shall be responsible to shepherd the elects, feed the newborns with spiritual milk to let them grow up in likeness of Jesus Christ.

Till the new brothers and sisters are handed over to the main administration of the Church, the Board will administer individuals, local churches and area churches.

d)         Board Office

The Board shall run its office in the Secretariat of the Church.


1.         The Board will be appointing authority of the Department’s employees.

2.         The Board within the approval of the Executive Committee of the Church may employ missionaries and others under its departmental care.

3.         All new appointments shall be as per provisions of the Recruitment Rules of the Church.

4.         Pay, allowances and facilities of casual employees shall be on monthly basis as fixed by the Board from time to time and no annual increment shall be applied.

5.         The Board may terminate the service of any temporary paid worker with or without giving reasons, as it, may deem fit.

6.         The Board, as appointing authority, may take disciplinary actions against the employees under its care.

7.         All fixation of pay and grades of posts on temporary arrangements shall be subject to change from time to time by the Board.

8.         The Board may decide House Rent Allowances for individual employees either by having general principle.

9.         An employee shall be entitled for Traveling Allowances (T.A.) whenever summoned or sent for special duty by competent authority on production of authentic order.

10.       A missionary is supposed to follow the wishes of the Holy Spirit by preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to save and to bring others to the feet of Jesus Christ.

11.       The responsibilities of a paid worker shall be as provided in the rules or as decided by the Board from time to time.


1.         Subject to Executive Committee approval, the Board may raise funds to meet its requirements.

2.         All funds raised and cash donations shall be submitted to the Treasurer of the Church through its sub-Treasurer.

3.         The Board will function within the limit of approved Annual Budget, including supplementary budgets, subject to sanctions granted by the Executive Committee.

4.         The Board may apply for additional sanction beyond the present budget, to the
Executive Committee for the remaining period of financial year.

5.         All funds and donations submitted to the Treasurer shall be treated as general fund of the Church till the Executive Committee adopts the Annual Budget.


 In addition to the provisions of Boards given in Chapter 4 above, the following shall be provided Publication Board.


1.      The Board may have appointed its representatives/agents in the level of Sub-Headquarters, areas and local Churches.

2.      The Board, with prior permissions of Executive Committee may raise and collect funds for special programs or projects etc.

3.      The Board may detail technically talented persons for special duties and the Board’s functioning.

4.      The Board may have special attachments with certain presses for the interest of the Board’s Publication works.

5.      In the Interest of the Church, the Board shall have a right to change Printers.

6.      The Board may, with prior permissions of the Executive Committee, install printing presses of the Church for its care and custody.

7.      The Board may set up Bookstores of the Church to be managed by the Board.

8.      To meet the demands of its activities, the Board may have its management rules/bye-laws to enable it to perform certain activities of the Board.

9.      On behalf of the Church, the Board may expand and extend its activities for productions and proper distributions of the Church’s literature.

10.  The Board may suspend its publication work for a set period of time on ground of better follow-up programs.

 B:        FINANCE

1.      Normally, Publication Board will be self-supporting financially.

2.      The Board’s main sources of fund will be sale proceeds of printed matters.

3.      All funds collected by the Department/Board will be treated as Church’s and to be submitted to the Treasurer through its Sub-Treasurer.

4.      In case of deficit, the church will allot the required funds to the department from the consolidated fund to meet the need of the Church through the department.

5.      The Board will be responsible for the proper uses of its annual budget as sanctioned by the Executive Committee.


1.      The Board, according to the Service Rules and Recruitment Rules of the Church, may employ paid workers.

2.      Employments may be necessary for the literature products. Printing Presses and for such activities of the Board, paid workers may be engaged.


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