Constitution of the Holy Church part – I

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Constitution of the Holy Church part – I





This Church, the body of Jesus Christ here on earth, shall be called THE HOLY CHURCH.


 In these last days, the Holy Church (Front now on the Church in this Star) stands to preach and propagate the Gospel of the Kingdom by upholding and ever glorying the cross of Christ, the power of God, under all circumstances, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ; and to fight the good fight of the holy war against the wiles of thedevil, the principalities, power, world rulers of present darkness and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places; and by following Jesus our Leader and be guided by the Holy Spirit our Shepherd till the end of times.


The Holy Church is and shall remain univer­sal by nature, the body of Jesus Christ cannot be divided into different denominational bodies. So any Church comprising bodies of Church, in no way can be the body of Christ. Such body, in fact, is false and is without the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Church shall have General Head­quarters, Sub-Headquarters, Local Churches and Preaching Stations.


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