There is one and only Church instituted by the living God which is eternal, comprising members born of the blood of Jesus Christ, Shepherded by the Holy Spirit, visible here on earth, united in the spirit with the invisible, the assembly of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven. The true Church cannot and will never be divided in the form of denominations or any other pretext by man or by the wiles of spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. It is founded upon Christ. Its administrations and functions are dictated by the Holy Spirit, revealed through the prophets, recorded in the Holy Bible, and from time to time, from generation to generation through his servants in accord with God’s eternal purpose, ever centred and revealed on Christ and His Cross the axis.


i)           ‘Apostle’ means Apostle in the Holy Church.

ii)         ‘Committee’  means Committee of the Holy Church at different levels.

iii)          ‘Director’ means Director of concerned de­partments.

iv)        ‘Fin. Secy’ means Financial Secretary of the Holy Church at the General Head­quarters unless the context refers otherwise.

v)         ‘Gen. Hqrs’ means General Headquarters of the Holy Church.

vi)        ‘Local Church’ means Local Church of the Holy Church.

vii)    ‘Sub-Treasurer’ means Sub-Treasurer of the departmental Boards.

viii)   ‘TheBoard’ means concerned departmental Boards. It also means Boards in general in Chapter 4

ix)        ‘The Ex.Comm’ means the Executive Com­mittee of General Headquar­ters unless expressed other­wise.

x)         ‘The Church’  means the Holy Church unless the context shows otherwise.

xi)        ‘The Star’ means Star of the Elects

xii)       ‘The Trust’ means the Property of the Holy Church at the General Head­quarters unless    the context points otherwise.