The Hon’ble Chief Minister (CM) of Mizoram Pu Lalthanhawla and his family visits Solomon’s Temple, Aizawl on 20th September 2015 and enjoys the afternoon out there in the Temple premise on the occasion of Coronation Day Celebrations– 2015. Before the CM’s entourage arrived at the Temple at 3:30 p.m., the rain plays spoil sport and washed out thousands of visitors scattered in the premise entertaining themselves among the flowers. People took shelter in the porch and packed up! There was hardly any place for the luminaries Cheap Jerseys from china since on that day there were 7262 visitors. When CM’s Car landed inside the premise (a privilege to CM, on a normal day, no vehicle is allowed inside) they were received by the Executive Committee members, Boards/Department office bearers as well as thousands of people and bouquets handed over to them.


Selected fifteen local churches of Aizawl exhibits varieties of flowers and different designs and shapes in this year’s celebration. When one entered the premise, one glares at a bunch, bloom, full-blown, spray and wreath of flowers. Statue of Cherubim, Angels and a Crown awaits at the arrival, ‘I shall crown Jesus when the most valuable crown belongs to me, e’en though I am poor, I shall crown Him, O Lord! Stay in my heart for eternity.’  For those who are curious enough, one can have a chance to carefully study a replica of Solomon’s Temple, sitting at the corner, and a two-wheeled white horse –drawn chariot is ready to take you to a battle or horse race. Proceeding further one enjoys the aura of a dreamland with a fountain nearby which is rarely seen in Aizawl, and you almost feel like you are in Aquatica when you see the aquarium between grass-covered pavement.


Behind there is a Chinese roof and one instantly imagine a Shaolin Temple and imperial palace in Beijing! King David of Israel plays a Harp and the same model is standing on the southeast corner of the Temple and I am sure one would love to play out of curiosity! People who are busy, feeling depressed, uneasy and boredom can refresh and relax in the wonderland, which is beautifully lying in the adjacent area. A rivulet/stream flows out of a Piano in the middle of the garden and one can find a ship, a deer, and a tree with blue leaves on the bank. In Psalm 42:1 it is written, ‘As a deer longs for a stream of cool water, so I long for you, O God.’


Beyond this place you reach a snow-capped hill where flowers flow like river water. Stay there for some time and experience a snowfall in the tropical region! On the western side, a full-blown flower beside a beautiful bridge enchants you and captures your attention and you are in full awe when you encounter a horse-drawn chariot beautifully standing in front of the mosaic coloured barn. A beautiful lawn spread in the front beside the waterfall, and a bridge nearby takes you to flower-butterfly, the rarest of the rare. On the right side of the corridor, a sixteen-year old girl displays  pebble painting and one immediately realize the skills of the Mizo children who is no less than their counterpart in more developed nations.


Now, it is so tiresome or you are too busy to realize your tiredness, I truly believe you are feeling the latter. Let rail wagon near the castle takes you to your destination and you can see a windmill nearby and you feel you are in Europe. Rail wagon enables you to go to a place with a green grass lawn and you can see a big red crane and Jacob’s well; rest and entertain yourself. And, you can relax in Solomon’s garden just as King Solomon comes to relax when he feels burdened with the trouble of his world! The water pool has cute Dolphins and they come out of the water! A different version of fountain, more dignified in appearance occupied the exit from the corridor and a big peacock painting adorns the wall. Out in the premise, stroll through the typical Mizo hut, church flag made of flowers, fancy tea-pot, wedding cake and flowers by the mighty water fountain.


CMs entourage had a light refreshment in the Temple’s Cafeteria and moved on to the church conference hall for dinner at 4:40 p.m. Pi Riliani commented that it is her second time in the temple and this year’s decoration works was marvellous and commendable. Last November, she had anti-tobacco campaign in the Temple among the church members and while she profoundly praised the talents of the church members, she pointed out that she saw some people consuming pan and reiterates that the church name is Holy Church and the members should live by its name, refraining from bad habits. The Chief Minister also said that he would like to be there at the opening of the Temple since he was there when the foundation stone was laid in 1996. He further added that Temple decorations may attract tourists from outside the state albeit, it is seasonal. The state government also is trying very hard to attract a greater number of tourists in Mizoram. He remarked his opinion of the church members as diligent, faithful, loyal and punctual on the office hour. Corruption has eaten the vitals of the Mizos, development works such as hydel projects and railway lines between Bairabi and Sairang have been delayed due to corruption. He asked the church members not to involve in corruption and support the government initiatives in this aspect. The CM’s party left the place at 8:00 p.m.


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