Battle in the Heavenly world

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Battle in the Heavenly world

          Satan and the fallen angels, the Devil and the evil spirits, Lucifer and the innumerable demons set up their stronghold in the heavenly world, endlessly intruding the kingdom of God from there. A believer of Christ should be aware and be cautious! The evil prince, Satan, who possesses all authorities in heaven and earth, entirely dominate the air and the atmosphere. He controls everyone in the heavenly world except the soldier of Christ. (Eph. 2:2) He also commands enormous and countless evil army equip with the best weaponry.

           God was highly satisfied with His creation of the entire six days. However, he dislikes the vast plot of heavenly world known as the ‘Sky’ created on the second day because the sky becomes the abode of the evil ruler, forces, authorities, and wicked spirits. We know the place as the world of darkness or the high places. This part of the heavenly world is very likely the place that God has promised to shake at the end of days, “When God spoke the first time, his voice shook only the earth. This time he has promised to shake the earth once again, and heaven too,” “I will once more shake not only the earth, but heaven as well.”(Heb.12: 26-27) The Apostle Paul also witnesses the presence of innumerable wicked spirits in the sky that probably made him say, “We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and wicked powers in the spiritual world.”

          The Apostle encourages us to be strong in the Lord and arm with God’s armour that we may stand up against the Devil and his mischievous tricks. Now and then, the Devil tries to lure and temp the believer, who are redeemed of their sins by the blood of Christ. Our enemy, the devil, is a roaring Lion, sneaking around to find someone to attack (I Pet. 5:8&9).

           The Lord of darkness sends his forces to continuously attack and invade human being. With missiles, they bombard our heart leaving a fatal burning flame. (Eph. 6:10). The enemy using hellfire as its weapon – mightier and more lethal than the deadly nuclear bomb endlessly attack the Kingdom of God. How many churches have become transformed into duplicate because of the attack?  How many churches become disloyal to Christ? It is unfortunate that certain church at times inadvertently and unknowingly stand against the Kingdom of God. This is because we are unaware of the battle-taking place in the celestial world. It is commonly perceive that new forms of guilt and sinful acts emerge in the world along with modernization. Churches vehemently apply their own methods of tackling usually with a failure because we are ignorant of the heavenly battle and the church equip with the armour of God succeeds in fighting the emerging atrocities against God.

           The Lord of darkness does not spare the believer of Christ. He continuously tries to subdue the faith of the believer, totally committed to God by targeting his weak points and many times succeed. He sent spies and God’s messengers are much more vulnerable to temptation in compare with the normal believer. The Apostle reiterates the vulnerability of God’s man to enemy’s encroachment and told us the importance of prayer; especially the need of prayer for preachers not only in the course of normal life more during the delivery of God’s word before the audience.

           The enemy constantly gathers its forces against individuals and family members. It tries to disintegrate the family members from within. We usually pay less attention to this aspect of temptation. It is difficult to assess the extent of the degree of temptation between the individual and the family. Christ is unmistakably the head of the family who holds regular family prayer and worship.   The most valuable possession of God in the whole world is the family in which Christ is the Head. God usually chooses the family that shows respect and love to Him, as the family of Noah, Abraham and Joseph, for laying the foundation of the Kingdom of God on this earth. God lays the foundation of his kingdom first in a family and then the entire nation and church. Therefore, the devil’s foremost target is the family’s time of prayer and worship.

           Next to the individual and the family, the Church is the enemy’s main target. We shall now look in detail how the enemy pursues the individual, the family, and the church.


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