1.   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The highest body at the top of organization chart is the Executive Committee. The Committee has certain functionaries, namely, the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and 18 committee members. This is the highest decision and policy making body, not only in relation to the administrative affairs, but also in spiritual matters.

 Chairman  : Apostle Dr. L.B. Sailo
Secretary  : R.L. Hmachhuana
Fin. Secretary : S.L. Sailo
Treasurer  : C.H. Lalnunmawia 

  Committee Members:
1. Lalzirliani
2. Lalhunliana
3. C. Lalruata
4. Lalpartlana
5. H. Lalvuana
6. Lalpianga
7. V. Hriltluanga
8. P.C.Kapliana
9. C. Khawthiauva
10. Lianzuala Sailo
11. R. Sangzuala
12. C. Lalthuamluaia
13.Z onunthari
14. H.C.Lalmuanawma
15. P.C. Lalfakzuala
16. P.C.Lalthantluanga
17. Laltlanthanga

There are three subordinate/attached sub-committee to the Executive Committee, such as-

(1) Building Advisory Board – Matters in relation to construction of Solomon’s Temple, collection of Temple funds from various sources and supervising construction of local tabernacles (churches) at different localities in and outside Jerusalem (Aizawl). Miscellaneous functionaries work under the BAB, viz., 

Decoration Cell  Responsible in the process of decorating Solomon’s Temple and its compound at the time of  functions, anniversaries and programmes, etc.

  Technical i/c Plantation  Management of the plantation area and natural park of Solomon’s  Temple complex.

 – Coordinator, Temple Community Work  Whenever the Church organizes community  work at the Temple Complex, he is the one responsible to work coordinating and organizing.

(2) Purchase Board  The board screens every purchase of assets/ machinery/equipment for the central church. To obtain approval of the board is necessary on purchase of assets worth more than Rs. 50,000/-.

 (3) Property Trust –   Property Trust  is the custodian and keeper of the movable and immovable properties own by the Central Church, including the properties at any level, viz., Solomon’s Temple, local Tabernacles and other buildings. It maintains a comprehensive record and recommends to the Executive Committee, property care and custody, acquisition, disposal, construction and demolition, etc. It does all the work of recording, safekeeping, lending out, collecting and repairing of old and outworn property.


 2. BOARD : At the next level we have four different boards, looking after different functions and responsibilities, viz.-

(1) Mission Board – Its main function is management of the missionaries and their work. It also organizes outreach programmes and activities in connection with evangelism and mission work. Sub-Committee under the Board-

– Media and Archive Cell – Looking after the official church video coverage, recording, storing, retrieval and multiplication of church functions like Midnight Herald Anniversary, Missionary Day,  Coronation Day, Jerusalem Convention, Child Convention, Youth Evangelical Front Meet, etc. They can also be hired on special occasions like Wedding, etc. 


(2) Publication Board – Responsible to keep up records, collection and put in a book and video and broadcasting the truth, preaches by the Holy Spirit through Apostle Dr. Lalbiakmawia Sailo. To circulate the Midnight Herald (Zanlai Au Aw), a fortnightly bulletin, proclaiming the word of God to the world and finally, management of the official website of the church. Publication Board, now have two sub-committees looking after different assignments  –

– Information Technology Cell  Updating the church with modern scientific knowledge for    practical purposes, e.g. maintaining website etc. 
  Sound i/ Maintenance and management of Sound system, handling and operating sound  during church service at the Temple.


(3) Youth Evangelical Front – It is the youth organisation. Its main responsibility is to bring about the spiritual and overall development of the youth. The three philosophical motto’s of the YEF are:

 Respect parents

– Sanctity to the Lord  

– Pursue selflessservice (Tlawmngaihna) of the Mizos.

   YEF have two different cells/sub-committees –

  Education Wing – It prepares children, to become a successful person in their future life by inculcating the value of education and appreciation of their achievements by rewarding them with prizes and awards, career guidance, etc.

  – Music Cell – It plays a very important role in promoting young aspirants becoming musicians  and singers to glorify the Lord. Arrangement of special items on anniversaries, conventions and meets, etc. is   also their responsibility.

  In every Division, Group, and locality; Division YEF, Group YEF and Unit YEF are set up with Office Bearers and Committee members.


(4) Naupang Department (Department of Child) – It is a parenting organisation of children. Department of Child is also set up in every locality. There are three Office Bearers Director, Secretary and Treasurer with Committee members at the central and Secretary, Treasurer and teachers with Committee members in every locality.


3. DIVISION: The State of Mizoram is divided into seven divisions, manned by Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and committee members, namely,

    (a) Mamit Division  (b) Kolasib Division  (c) Champhai Division  (d) Serchhip Division  (e) Lunglei Division  (f) Saiha Division (g) Darlawn Division


3. GROUP: Within the geographical territory of Division, a Group is set up, manned by office bearers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and committee members. There may be two, three or many more groups, depending on the geographical size and population of the Division. In the headquarters i.e. Jerusalem (Aizawl), there are four Groups North, South, West and East groups. Each group comprises the amalgamation/union of a number of local churches. A Group is manned by office bearers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members.


4. LOCAL CHURCH:  At every locality, in the village or in the headquarters; there is a local church responsible to administer the affairs of the locality. There are three office bearers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members. Different sub-committees formed may be different, depending on factors like genuine needs, age, place and strength of its members. Usually, the common sub-committees in every local churches are :

 Women’s Committee – An all women organization in the local church.

– Tabernacle (Church) Building Committee  At every locality, a church (tabernacle) is either   constructed or there is a plan to construct. Depending on the stature of locality, which may be  different from one another, a building committee is formed. It manages collection of funds, construction works,  etc. 

– Midnight Herald Cell      The cell acts as an agent of Midnight Herald in a church, an evangelical fortnightly bulletin, where mostly every member of the church actively participates in the  process of distribution. This is a cell set up for coordinating and organizing.