The founder of the Holy Church, Dr. L. B. Sailo was born in 1952, in the village of Hnahlan at Champhai District. His father named Vanlalnghina Sailo, was the chief of Hnahlan where Dr. L.B. Sailo finished his elementary education. During this period, one day he saw Jesus Christ crucified on the cross with blood smeared all over His body. After that incident, he got spiritual contentment and joy. Even in his study, he received merit scholarship and general proficiency scholarship where he accounted Jesus Christ for his blessings. As such, he offered praise and sacrificed himself to the Almighty God.

He finished his High school and Pre-University Science in Shillong, Meghalaya, India. In the year 1974, he married Lalzirliani and they have four children. After marriage, he resumed his studies in B.V.Sc & A.H. course at Assam Agriculture University, Guwahati, Assam, India. At that time, he along with his friend Dr. Kipp Rio Angami published ‘Teenagers Evangelism of Nagaland,’ which was after sometime renamed ‘Teenagers Evangelism of Nations’ by his friend. His friend now spread the magazine throughout the world. Moreover, they started Church service (non-denomination) in English every Sunday morning, among the university students, attended by people of different societies and communities.

Dr. L.B. Sailo is God-fearing man and loves righteousness. His motto is “Faithfulness and Holiness”. After completing his studies at Guwahati, he joined Mizoram government service as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon in A.H.& Vety Department in 1978 holding the top post of office in the department now. Even while serving in the government, his dream is to work as a missionary till date and says, ‘Even working in the service of the department is the same like working in the garden of God.’ During his service in the department he completed different trainings like:-

(1) Deep Frozen Semen Technology (Mattupatty, Kerala, India)
(2) Animal Health Extension (Nilokheri, Haryana, India)
(3) Natural Diploma in Animal Reproduction (Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Uttar Pradesh, India)
(4) Gender in Rural Development (Guwahati, Assam, India).

On the way to attend training in Deep Frozen Semen Technology at Kerala in 1979, on board a Boeing from Kolkata to Chennai, a very strong cyclone hit their plane and most of the passengers were in panic. At that moment, a voice in his heart said, “Dr. L. B. Sailo, for you have died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Hearing the sweet voice, he became very peaceful and said to the man next to him, “Be peaceful,” where he received ‘Nonsense!’ in return. The next moment the wind calmed down, the frightened man along with others became relieved and back to normal, all of them looked upon Dr. L.B. Sailo with astonishment, since then he understood that the word of God is not clear on study and is rather information like a messenger’s word; therefore, he preaches that the testimony of St. Paul is also the testimony for him too.

In 1982, the Mizoram Synod (Presbyterian Church) declared combat on corruption and the pastoral area of Bungkawn invited him as a speaker against corruption. He began to preach which could be called ‘the rising of one’s spirit from the eternal death with Christ’ which quenches the spiritual thirst of the Mizo people. His peculiar sermon spread far and wide and shook the state of Mizoram and he became a popular preacher. He got many invitations from different places and his main theme of sermon was ‘Jesus died on the cross historically, in fact, Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, we the cursed did spiritually.’ The theme of his message was not welcomed by the priests of Presbyterian Church thereby closing down his service within the Presbyterian Church. However, he began to preach the gospel at several places outside the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church, Mizoram which were attended by large congregations all the time.Bearing the heavy cross of Christ, he preaches out in the open, facing humiliation and despising from different angles of society. They used to drive out he and his family from place to place like wild animal and found nowhere to refuge, but God remembered how patiently he’s suffering, protect him from harm and save him even from the wreathe of death. Henceforth, through Dr. L.B.Sailo God established the Holy Church.

Now, God has given him a beautiful place at ‘Kidron Valley’ Chawlhhmun, Aizawl, Mizoram, India, in which he is living with his family.

In 1985, Dr. L. B. Sailo foretold that ‘Solomon’s Temple would be erected in Mizoram, India,’ which now could be seen at Kidron Valley, Chawlhhmun, Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Although it is not yet completed, many tourists from domestic and foreign countries come to visit Solomon’s Temple at Kidron Valley every day.