Chibai, Welcome to all the visitors. The website was officially launched on 13th December 2008. The objective of the website is to propagate and disseminate the word of the Almighty God to the whole world. The Holy Spirit through Dr. L.B. Sailo, has found the Holy Church in the year 1984.  Various articles and sermons, written and delivered by Dr. L.B. Sailo throughout these years have been put on this website, which must be worth for the readers to read and to enrich their spiritual life. The rationale, history and a short account of the majestic Solomon’s Temple, constructed by the Holy Church in Mizoram is also displayed. Various news of the Holy Church, to enlighten its members about the ongoing activities of the church, is also published. It is our hope and fervent desire that you enjoy visiting our website which provides a glimpse of the latter day elects and their endeavour in enlightening the people through the gospel of Christ. Please do visit more often.


1811, 2013

Setana Hmanraw Chi hrang hrangte

“ Thim thiltih rah nei ngai lovahte chuan telna reng nei suh ula, tel ahnekin [...]

2709, 2013

Hmangaih Johana

   “Keini min pawlna chu Pa leh Fapa Isua Krista  pawlna a ni tawh reng [...]

2709, 2013

Nang kan hnena i kal thin hi ani lo vem ni ?

           Helai thu mawi tak mai hi General ropui, Mosian Pathian a karna tawngkam, rilru [...]

2604, 2013

Pathian Rilru

          Pathianin Lei leh Van leh a chhunga thil awm zawng zawng a din chhuah [...]

704, 2013

Davida Lalthutthleng

             “ Davida lalthutthlengah a thu ang a, a ramah remnain   tawpintai a nei lo [...]

404, 2013

Ephesi Lehkhathawn

Hebrai tawng chuan Ephesi tih awmzia chu ‘Ka duhlai’ tihna a ni awm e. Ephesi [...]